Baby is born, my play is cancelled tonight and we still exist

The baby is born

When I went to see the volcano in march I was astonished how small and human the scale of it was. You could come very close. The volcano was warm like a camp fire, the sound like a heartbeat, the lava like breaking glass. It was extremely romantic in the night under northern lights. If you look at my video – you will see that it spewed almost no ash, just a small white puffy cloud. It was a nice volcano – or a sleeping dragon – or it was just the birth of something larger.

The sound reminded me of the sound coming from a mothers belly through a doppler device. So maybe I was right – the march eruption was not the real event. The water broke, flowing now over the bridges in the south of Iceland , the baby is born – a picture of the craters seen above. The newborn monster that has closed down all the airports in Europe. But again – the great Katla, is expected to wake up very soon, ten times bigger than this one, that was 20 times bigger than the cute one in March. So if we continue surfing metaphors – the first was just a glimpse of the heartbeat, the second is just the face – and Katla is the real monster we are waiting for. So stay tuned. Everybody that made headlines like this – will understand that nature can not be taken for granted. Instead of a tourist boost, world tourism is bust at the moment. All the airports in Europe are closed.

Some farms in the south of Iceland are threatened. The ash has been blown towards Europe so it has not hit Reykjavik yet. But the day was pitch dark in southeast Iceland yesterday. Life goes on as normal, kids to school, people go to work. Except one thing:

The leading actress in my play in the City Theater is stuck in Germany. So two shows tonight are cancelled! In Germany my book LoveStar is marketed under the headline, imagine if the world was ruled by Iceland. We experience now this strange feeling of power. No flights in Europe today. Stay inside if something from Iceland comes drifting from the sky. Terror alert! Even though the power of Iceland is negative at the moment, you see on facebook statuses the pride of being noticed, we exist. I am told that this is the same feeling North Korea is addicted to. A small nation getting this sense of pride every time Bush or Obama mentions them, that special pride you get each time the world leaders have a meeting, just because of you! This time, the world leaders are not meeting. Because of us. We are noticed. Therefore I am.

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