“Imagine if you could choose just the good days and let the others go”

The Casket of Time is my second children’s book and the only Icelandic children’s book to break through the 3% translation wall in USA this year. My book is actually the only Icelandic children’s book from Iceland, since The Story of the Blue Planet came out in 2012. Both of these stories won the Icelandic literary awards and are published in many languages. The Story of the Blue Planet in 35 languages. The Casket of Time already in 12 languages. So you can support Icelandic literature and if you could donate to your public or school library that would be great. The book is available here But of course your local bookstore is the best place to look first. 

The publisher is a small independent press, Restless Books in NYC, focused on high quality translations from all over the world and immigrant literature from the USA.

The Casket of Time is written into the tradition of the classic style of a children’s fantasy with themes that should appeal to grown ups and YA readers as well. The Casket of Time has reached children down to the age of 9, does very well with 14 year olds, while grown up fans of fantasy and Sci-fi around the world have found things they like in the book. The Casket of Time was nominated as best translated fantasy in Finland 2018 with authors like Ursula K. Le Guin and David Mitchell.

Bjarke Ingels architect and futurist writes this about The Casket of Time:

“Andri Snær has created an intimate epic that floats effortlessly between genres as diverse as fairy tale and political commentary, science fiction and social realism. The Casket of Time spans the chasm between “once upon a time” and “have you heard the news today” in a way that makes his philosophical fable feel both timely and timeless.”

Here are a few dates for events in the US for the next weeks:

Apríl 16th
House of Speakeasy New York 7PM
AT JOE’S PUB at The Public Theater at 425 Lafayette St, NYC 10003
The strength of Ignorance:


May 3rd – 
4PM – 6PM




May 4th – Minneapolis
Wild Rumpus Bookstore  2 PM.
May 5th – 3PM
Rain Taxi 
Target Performance Hall at Open Book
1011 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis
FREE and open to the public!

New York
May 7th – 7PM
Scandinavian House – New York City
The Future of Time – book talk with Bjarke Ingels and Andri Snær



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