LoveStar published in English!

You might have noticed a slight change in the world today when you woke up, but that is because LoveStar has now been published in English. It got a very nice review from publishers weekly:

“Orwell, Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams are felt on every page, though Magnason is never derivative. His satire and insightful social commentary sweeten the pot and the sheer wackiness of Magnason’s oversized imagination is invigorating.”

As you can see I am talking about a book that will make you very happy, so I hope you will buy many copies of the book, for you and your friends and your grandmother. You can get it on Amazon, also as an e-book or you can go to your local bookstore and ask them to order it.

I am attending Villa Gillet – Festival of Ideas in Lyon in the end of November. I hope to be in New York in the beginning of the new year and have an other attempt to throw a launch party after the other was blown away by Sandy. The Story of the Blue Planet is also out in a few days.

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