My books in Brazil and Portugal

I have only been to Brazil in my dreams but my books LoveStar and The Casket of Time are in great hands with the publisher Editora Morro Branco. They have many of my favourite authors on their publishing list and seem to be finding really nice readers for the books. In 2017, my book ILUSÃO DO TEMPO, (Tímakistan or The Casket of Time), was published and now LoveStar has been published. Both books are getting lots of good reviews and comments from readers. ILUSÃO DO TEMPO is translated by Suzannah Almeida but LoveStar is translated by Fábio Fernandes. He has also translated the work of William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick.

“Às vezes a narrativa volta para o mundo do futuro onde estão Vitória e Marcos, mas a maior parte segue a vida do rei…”, continue lendo em:”

And here is a review on LoveStar:

LoveStar just came out in Portugal as well, translated by Joao Reis published by Bertrand Editora.

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