The Casket of Time – English Edition – (You can preorder now!)

The Casket of Time is coming out in English in April. This is my second children’s/YA book.

The Casket of Time has been published in 10 languages and well received by children (and people that used to be children many years ago).

In Finland the book was nominated as best translated fantasy along with Ursula K Le Guin and David Mitchell.

The Casket of Time is published by Restless Books

The Casket of Time:

Teenage Sigrun is sick of all the apocalyptic news about the “situation” and, worse, her parents’ obsession with it. Sigrun’s family—along with everyone else—decides to hibernate in their TimeBoxes®, hoping for someone else to fix the world’s problems . But when Sigrun’s TimeBox® opens too early, she discovers an abandoned city overrun by wilderness and joins a band of kids who are helping a researcher named Grace solve the “situation.”

The world, according to Grace, is under an ancient curse. There once was a princess named Obsidiana, who was trapped in time by the greedy king of Pangea. To protect Obsidiana from dark and gloomy days, the king put her in a crystal casket made of spider silk woven so tightly that time itself couldn’t penetrate. The king’s greed for power doomed his kingdom and the trapped princess. Sigrun sees eerie parallels between the tale of Obsidiana and the present-day crisis, and realizes it’s up to her and her friends to break the ancient curse and fix the world.

You can preorder the book here.

And one good idea:

You can support Icelandic literature and Independant publlishing if you order a copy to give to your school or public library.


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