Pictures from the Gdansk Production

Erling Jóhannesson director and Gunnar and Örvar of múm
The Mayor of Gdansk with Blue Planet in Polish
Pawel Adamowicz Mayor of Gdansk with the Polish edition of The Story of the Blue Planet.

The Blue Planet by Andri Snær Magnason was premiered in Gdansk May 17th 2014 in Teatr Miniatura. The play was directed by Erling Jóhannesson with new music by MÚM.

The production received very nice reviews in Polish media:

“The seemingly fairy-tale-like story, packed with fascinating adventures, turns out to be a multi-layered allegory of the modern world. The author scrutinizes the pitfalls and dangers of democracy, the issues of the destruction of the natural environment or the responsibility towards those communities which pay the price for the comfort of others. He poses the timeless question as to whether and to what extent we are prepared to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others, and as to the consequences of such a choice.” Ula Morga,

,,Despite the multitude of subjects tackled, the play is clearly constructed and easily comprehensible to a young audience. What is more, the story of the blue planet and its inhabitants arouses great emotions in children. In the performance I watched most of the audience were children whose degree of excitement at the play seemed to be reaching maximum levels.” Anna Jazgarska,

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