Tímakistan (The Time Casket) in Japanese!


I proudly announce that the Time Casket has been published in Japan by NHK publishers. This is my fourth book to be published in Japan, but Dreamland, LoveStar and The Story of the Blue Planet have all been published in Japanese.

The Time Casket looks like a glass casket, but it is not made of glass, it’s woven from spider silk, and so densely woven that Time can not penetrate the walls. So when the casket is closed, the person inside is sealed from time and a day, week or a whole year feels like a blink of an eye.

The Story has two stages, it is about Obsidiana, the Princess of Pangea, and her father Dímon that has conquered the world and want’s to conquer time as well. He can give the princess only the moments that really matter, but skip the unimportant moments in life. The other part takes place in our own world, where the Time Caskets have been mass produced and people can skip the boring days, the rainy days, the Mondays and the Februaries. This works out good until some economists predict a very bad year, and everyone decides to skip the year to avoid the problems and the fuss. (The story was written before Brexit.)

Tímakistan won the Icelandic Literary Award, The West Nordic Children’s Book Award, The Icelandic Bookseller Prize and the Reykjavík Council Children’s Book Award.

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