Time Sensitive – New Podcast

Here is a new podcast, my talk with Andrew Zuckerman – click here to enter the site. Transcript, chapters, pictures. Lots of stuff.

Time Sensitive features candid, revealing portraits of curious and courageous people in business, the arts, and beyond who have a distinct perspective on time. Each week, co-hosts Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman respectively interview a leading mind who has made a profound impact in their field, contributed to the larger conversation, and is concerned with the planet we all share.

At Time Sensitive, we value time—especially your time.

Each episode is around an hour—long enough, we feel, to establish a thoughtful, intimate conversation and offer insights that just aren’t possible in a quicker format. (Understanding that not everyone has 60 minutes to spare, we also split our episodes into chapters, each between 5 to 25 minutes long; you can explore the episodes by chapter exclusively here on the timesensitive.fm site.)

We also believe that a podcast doesn’t just have to be a rich audio experience. That’s why, on the site, you’ll find condensed and edited transcripts of the interviews, with hyperlinks, and alongside them corresponding visuals. We hope it looks as good as it sounds.

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