LoveStar in the Worlds Smallest Library.

I was reading about one of the worlds smallest libraries in New York, a really brilliant Idea when I saw that my own book LoveStar was in there. You can see it if you look at the picture below.
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The full article about this library is here.

I am writing my new book so I just quote directly here:

“In the tradition of the Little Free Library movement, started by a pair of Wisconsinites in 2009, the books are provided by members of the community and you’re kind of expected to put one in if you take one out. At one point, the banana-colored bookpod housed softcovers by Neil Gaiman and Danielle Steel, Samuel Pepys‘ 17th-century diary, journalist Neil Strauss’investigation of sleazy pick-up artists and Andri Magnason’s LoveStar, a novel about a dystopian future where energy is transmitted through the air. Not a bad selection, considering the library is the size of a tub you’d use to wash your dog.”

Little Free Library is a growing movement – look here on how to make one of your own in your neighborhood.

Little Free Library.


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