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  1. I am anxious to see the entire movie, Dreamland, in English. I want to envision the mind of the master, and wonder about the technology used to create this “most important movie for Iceland”. I have to wonder,(dream) where the aluminum came from, for his camera, the metal, the glass, the rubber, the lights, the sound. Was it unearthed from beneath a lava rock? Or manufactured from the hard work and toiling of nations that chose to advance rather than continue to gather around fires and write their stories on sheep skins. I see the familes that live around Reydarfjordur, who would otherwise be living in some other country. The families that enjoy the sports arena, the fair quality of life – hard working people that have a place on this earth to live, a good job with good benefits. Certainly every industry has a compromise. Every house that is built means a tree must fall. Where do we really find total communion with nature? With nothing? Around a fire made with flint? Eating roots and moss? Look at yourself, and ask, what am I wearing, driving, cooking, watching, living that doesn’t require sacrifice somewhere. Is this movie really fair? Take a personal inventory. That is all I ask.

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