Bónus Poetry in English

Bónus Poetry, the bestselling Poetry book by Andri Snær Magnason is finally available in English and now again in a 44% more edition.

Bónus Poetry takes the reader on a mythological journey through the aisles of an undisclosed Bónus Supermarket branch, and is based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. Starting in “Paradiso” (the fruit and vegetable section), we travel through “Inferno” (meat and frozen goods) before finally ending up in the “Purgatorio” (cleaning products).

The book was initially published by Bónus Supermarkets in Iceland and sold at supermarket counters on eternal “special offer”. The author signed the same contract as every other producer: “If the consumer is harmed by the product, the producer is liable.” Bónus Poetry became the biggest selling poetry volume in the history of Iceland.

Here is a video about the orgin of Bónus Poetry with amazing drone footage in the end:

Bónus Poetry is currently a best selling book in the Faroe Islands and the book was recently published in French, Faroese and Italian.

The book is currently a bestseller in the Faroe Islands.

Translated by Sanna Andrassardottir Dahl for Unga Föroyar. 

The Italian version translated by Walter Rosselli for Nottetempo.
The French verstion translated by Walter Rosselli, Editions d’en Bas.

German version was translated by Tina Flecken, published by Orange Press

The english book (realbook) should be available in Bónus, Major bookstores and by Forlagið.

Bónus Poetry was first published in Iceland in 1996, again in 2003 in a 33% more edition, now again in Icelandic in a 44% more version.


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