The Handshake of Generations

The handshake of generations – Chapter from On Time and Water. from Ground Control Productions on Vimeo.

When is someone still alive that you will love? Here I am reading a chapter from my book – On Time and Water. Filmed with the characters in that chapter, Grandmother Hulda Filippusdóttir, born 1924 and my youngest daughter Hulda Filippía, born 2008.

Try to calculate for yourself. If you are lucky and become 90, and you have a favourite 20 year old in your life – when is someone still alive that you will love, if that person becomes 90? How far does your love and influence reach into the future?

This video was filmed by Andon Smári Gunnarsson, edited by Eva Lind Höskuldsdóttir, the music from Högni Egilsson in our Time and Water performance in the City Theatre of Reykjavík, directed by Anni Ólafsdóttir.

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