New Short Fiction available online

I wrote a new short story for Emergence Magazine, my first piece of fiction published for a few years and very refreshing to be back on that track. This story is about and architect in Reykjavík, that gets a dream project, but for many reason it goes wrong and throughout the story, a paving brick is on it’s way through the window of a Range Rover Vogue SUV. Nicholas Burns in Winnepeg sent me an interesting quote after reading the story: “In some ways, this brief tale is the antithesis of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, and that alone makes it well worth reading.”

Now at least six of my books are now available in English, so you can get some idea of the range of my writing:

The Story of the Blue Planet, a book for children and former children, LoveStar, winner of the Philip K Dick special mention Award, The Casket of Time, a YA book, for all ages, Bónus Poetry, a mythological journey through a Bónus Supermarket in Iceland, Dreamland – a Self Help Manual for a Frightened Nation and On Time and Water.

This is my third Emergence Magazine collaboration. You can see my film Apausalypse here, Dreamland is free online here and it seems like my other film The Hero’s Journey to the Third Pole, a bipolar musical documentary with elephants.

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