Andri Snær Magnason

Ok-glacier in Memoriam // A letter to the future

This is a text I wrote to be placed on top of Ok mountain, in memory of Ok – glacier – the first glacier in Iceland to be formally lost to human related climate change. This is a project initiated by Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe researchers from Rice University in Texas and Oddur Sigurðsson,

My books in Brazil and Portugal

I have only been to Brazil in my dreams but my books LoveStar and The Casket of Time are in great hands with the publisher Editora Morro Branco. They have many of my favourite authors on their publishing list and seem to be finding really nice readers for the books. In 2017, my book ILUSÃO DO

News from the Blue Planet

The Story of the Blue Planet is traveling the world. The book just came out in Korea in a new edition but here is the poster for Minatura Theater in Gdansk, Poland designed by Anita Wasik. The play will premier may 17th with a new score by MÚM and directed by Erling Jóhannsson. The premiere will

Baby is born, my play is cancelled tonight and we still exist

When I went to see the volcano in march I was astonished how small and human the scale of it was. You could come very close. The volcano was warm like a camp fire, the sound like a heartbeat, the lava like breaking glass. It was extremely romantic in the night under northern lights. If