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Pictures from the Gdansk Production

The Blue Planet by Andri Snær Magnason was premiered in Gdansk May 17th 2014 in Teatr Miniatura. The play was directed by Erling Jóhannesson with new music by MÚM. The production received very nice reviews in Polish media: “The seemingly fairy-tale-like story, packed with fascinating adventures, turns out to be a multi-layered allegory of the modern world.

In Reykjavík with Andri Snær Magnason

I was interviewed recently by Nathalie Handal for Words Without Borders about The City and The Writer. In this interview you will find at least one mindblowing amazing fact if you intend to travel to Reykjavík, in your body – or mind. Here is a part of the interview: The City and the Writer: In

News from the Blue Planet

The Story of the Blue Planet is traveling the world. The book just came out in Korea in a new edition but here is the poster for Minatura Theater in Gdansk, Poland designed by Anita Wasik. The play will premier may 17th with a new score by MÚM and directed by Erling Jóhannsson. The premiere will