My books in Brazil and Portugal

I have only been to Brazil in my dreams but my books LoveStar and The Casket of Time are in great hands with the publisher Editora Morro Branco. They have many of my favourite authors on their publishing list and seem to be finding really nice readers for the books. In 2017, my book ILUSÃO DO

Reykjavík Literary Festival 2015 – Meet me September 11th.

The Reykjavík Literary Festival is starting, one of my favourite festivals. The festival is a real “stranded whale” for all literary lovers, tons of meat and blubber to survive the long winter coming. Here I have seen Saramago, Atwood, Coupland, Grass and Murakami just to name a few and have participated twice myself and again

In Reykjavík with Andri Snær Magnason

I was interviewed recently by Nathalie Handal for Words Without Borders about The City and The Writer. In this interview you will find at least one mindblowing amazing fact if you intend to travel to Reykjavík, in your body – or mind. Here is a part of the interview: The City and the Writer: In