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About Andri

Andri Snær Magnason is an Icelandic writer and documentary film director. He has written poetry, fiction, non fiction and science fiction. His work has been published or performed in more than 40 languages and he has won the Icelandic Literary Awards in all categories.

Andri has received international awards like the Philip K Dick honorary mention for LoveStar, the Prima Tiziano Terzani in Italy for On Time and Water and The Green Earth Book Award for his books for children.

He is the co-director of three documentary films that have premiered in international festivals like IDFA, RIFF, CPH:DOX and HOTDOCS.

Andri has been active in the fight to preserve the highlands of Iceland and raising awareness about our fast changing climate. His eulogy for the first glacier that Iceland lost to climate change, the Ok glacier was shared by millions in 2019. 

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Andri’s TED Talk

From the TED website: “Over the next 200 years, we can expect all of the Earth’s glaciers to disappear — unless we act now, says writer Andri Snær Magnason. Telling the story of the Okjökull glacier in Iceland, the first glacier lost to climate change, Magnason explains why we need to start connecting to the future in a more intimate, urgent way in order to stabilize the Earth for generations to come.”

Books by Andri

Andri writes in Icelandic but his work can be found in more than 40 languages.
He writes in many genres as a healthy literary diet consists of all genres.

On Time and Water

The Casket of Time

Lovestar – a Novel

On Time and Water by Andri Snær Magnason is one of the most original & thought-provoking books about the climate crisis – or any subject – in ages. (…) I recommend the book, it’s mind-expanding

Johann Hari – author of Stolen Focus​

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