Andri Snær Magnason is known for making complicated themes relatable in his talks, lectures and performances. On Time and Water became a live performance on the main stage of the City Theatre in Reykjavik where he told the story with images, old films and the live performance of musician Högni. That performance has been done in Icelandic and English and can be adapted to various stages.

Andri is a popular keynote speaker in person as well as online. Above is the TED Talk he did on Sólheimajökull for TED Countdown in 2020. Andri opened the PMAC Global Health Conference 2023 in Bangkok. Here is a recording with an introduction from Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet. He opened ESERA 2019 one of the worlds largest science teacher conferences in Bologna in 2019. As his work ranges from non fiction, sci-fi, to children’s literature the range of people he meets is very diverse, from pre-schools to college students. He has lectured for policy makers and politicians and spoken about energy policies in Harvard and Columbia University. As a documentary film maker he has travelled with his documentary films for screenings and q&a sessions in major festivals as well as private screenings. Another growing part of his work are sessions with groups that visit his new studio space in Reykjavík.

Response has often been very strong, as the mission of the Time and Water talks is to give science a human and personal context.

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