On Time and Water

Year: 2019
Genre: Narrative Non-fiction, Non-Fiction, Highlights
Pages: 320
Translation: 32 languages

In the next hundred years, the nature of water on Earth will undergo fundamental change. Glaciers will melt, the level of the sea will rise, and its acidity will change more than it has in the past 50 million years. These changes will affect all life on earth, everyone that we know, and everyone that we love …

Bónus Poetry

Year: 2017
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 60
Translation: English and Spanish

Bónus Poetry takes the reader on a mythological journey through the aisles of an undisclosed Bónus Supermarket branch, and is based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. Starting in “Paradiso” (the fruit and vegetable section), we travel through “Inferno” (meat and frozen goods) before finally ending up …

Sleep My Love

Year: 2016
Genre: Short Stories, Fiction
Pages: 139
Translation: English and German sample translations available

A dodgy childhood friend and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a trapped bee in the highlands of Iceland, a desperate search for a new word for love, Duran Duran, birdsong, titillating romantic rendezvous in strange hotels … all this and much more in seven new short stories by Andri Snaer Magnason …

The Casket of Time

Year: 2013
Genre: Children’s Books, 9-12 years
Pages: 296
Translation: 20 languages

When things are looking bad and economists predict a massive financial crisis, Sigrun’s family is lucky – they can crawl into their black caskets and wait for better times. But one day, her casket opens and she is confronted by an abandoned city in ruins, with everyone stuck in black caskets …


Year: 2006
Genre: Current Affairs, Non-Fiction
Pages: 304
Translation: 7 languages

Dreamland is a wake-up call, a devastating polemic that puts environmental issues into global perspective. Dreamland is an influential book about the most burning issues of our times, written with knowledge and a rare passion that will move any reader …


Year: 2002
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 275
Translation: 18 languages

A multinational called LoveStar has put Iceland on the map by marketing death and programmed love. Indridi and Sigridur are cordless individuals in this technological community which they believe in until a letter arrives from the powers that throws their lives into disarray. They were not meant for each other …

Blue Planet

Year: 1999
Genre: Picture Books, Children’s Books, 5-8 years
Pages: 95
Translation: 34 languages

On a blue planet far out in space there are no adults, only children, who play when they want to and go to sleep when they are tired. Then a mysterious man lands on the planet, and teaches them how to fly when the sun shines, by flicking the dust off butterflies’ wings. A perilous adventure ensues …