Year: 2006
Genre: Current Affairs, Non-Fiction
Pages: 304
Translation: 7 languages

Sold to:
  • UK (Citizen Press)
  • Japan (NKH Publishing)
  • Denmark (Tiderne Skifter)
  • Sweden (Natur & Kultur)
  • Germany/Austria/Switzerland (Orange Press)
  • Spain/South America (Editorial Aire)
  • USA (Open Letter)

Dreamland is a wake-up call, a devastating polemic that puts environmental issues into global perspective. Dreamland is an influential book about the most burning issues of our times, written with knowledge and a rare passion that will move any reader.

Dreamland immediately became a best seller on publication in Iceland and has already attracted worldwide attention due to its radical style, in the vein of Naomi Klein, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond, as well as critical acclaim from the Icelandic media.

Revised edition with an introduction by Björk and a new chapter on the bank crisis in Iceland. Dreamland has been made into a movie.


  • The Icelandic Literary Prize 2006
  • The Icelandic Bookseller’s Prize for Non-Fiction 2006
  • The Kairos Prize – a European cultural prize awarded by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung

,,Andri Snaer Magnason, whose scathingly funny critique of his country’s politics and society, Dreamland: A Self-Help Guide for a Frightened Nation, was a huge bestseller in this bookish country, told me this week: “In economics, they talk about the invisible hand that regulates the market. In Iceland, the free market became so wild that it was not fixed by an invisible hand, but an invisible guillotine. So, in one weekend, the whole class of our newly rich masters of the universe lost their heads (reputation, power, and money), and all the power and debt of the newly privatized companies fell into the hands of the people again.”
— Rebecca Solnit – The Nation

“Dreamland, a devastating polemic that puts Iceland’s environmental issues into a global perspective. The book has sold 18,000 copies — the equivalent, in percentage terms, of 18 million copies in the United States.”
— New York Times

“So here they all were, one big unhappy family. The environmentalists were trying to save Iceland. The industrialists were trying to save Iceland. Everyone was trying to save Iceland.” A mental civil war,” somebody called it. A war of dreams.… Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation, a surprise, runaway best-seller exposed the spell…”
— National Geographic Magazine

“Andri Snær’s Dreamland provokes thought by telling us things we did not know and have therefore not had the opportunity to deliberate or discuss openly.”
— Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Iceland

Dreamland has been made into a feature length documentary film. 


More about the movie here: https://www.dreamland.is

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