A galaxy of Blue Planets

With LoveStar and The Story of the Blue Planet now published and available in English I have made myself a new Facebook page, gathering together all the editions of my books available in 26 languages, future readings, new stuff and some more information. So I am almost a brand new writer on the North American market with two books, one for children and everyone that has been a child and one for grown ups. So every good spreading of word would be really great. Information is always here but you can also follow me on Facebook.

The Story of the Blue Planet got a great review in The New York Times:

“Andri Snaer Magnason, […] writes with a Seussian mix of wonder, wit and gravitas.”

and a really good review in Publishers Weekly.

The Blue Planet will be staged at YPT in Toronto in April. In Iceland the music for the play was made by múm. Here is one song by múm from my first play, Náttúruóperan:

LoveStar is also out and got að great review in the Village Voice:

“It’s a seriously funny book, but also a serious one, translated with raucous grace.”

And also a starred review in Publisher Weekly:

“Orwell, Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams are felt on every page, though Magnason is never derivative. His satire and insightful social commentary sweeten the pot and the sheer wackiness of Magnason’s oversized imagination is invigorating.”

You can buy the books here. They are very cheap, just about 11 dollars. They will change your life and make you happy forever:




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