Rethink Copenhagen

My newest publication – Rethinking Dreamland – is now to be found the debate forum RETHINK SOCIALITY.

RETHINK is an art project that thematizes climate changes through Nordic and international contemporary art. The project is part of the official cultural programe for COP15 in Copenhagen. REFLECT is RETHINK’s online forum where debaters from the all over the world engage in debates on climate change, art and culture. The writers are artists, philosophers, scientists, politicians and business people with different views and knowledge about how climate change affects the way we live and view the world.

REFLECT presents a broader cultural debate on the consequences of climate change. Climate change is fundamentally interdisciplinary, transcends borders and interfaces with many domains including politics, art, technology, nature, sociality, philosophy etc. The debaters explore how climate change leads to new understandings and definitions of some of these established domains, and how they interfere with one and another. They share their views on the dilemmas confronting our society today.

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