Reykjavík Literary Festival 2015 – Meet me September 11th.

The Reykjavík Literary Festival is starting, one of my favourite festivals. The festival is a real “stranded whale” for all literary lovers, tons of meat and blubber to survive the long winter coming. Here I have seen Saramago, Atwood, Coupland, Grass and Murakami just to name a few and have participated twice myself and again this year.

In the 2015 festival we have great authors like David Mitchell, Teju Cole and Dave Eggers to name a few again. My program is on friday at 12:00 with Kim Stanley Robinson. So if you are in Reykjavík – come and see us.

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Science fiction is a genre that enjoys huge cult popularity, and its power as a political tool should not be underestimated. Renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson (USA), named ‘Hero of the Environment’ by Time Magazine, depicts the colonization of Mars in the face of ecological disaster on Earth in his Mars trilogy. Icelandic author and environmental activist Andri Snær Magnason’s award-winning Dreamland examines the effects of heavy industry in Iceland. This panel will consider the role of literature in relation to the environmental issues that face all humans in current and future generations.

When: 12:00 – 12:45
Location: Norræna Húsið/Nordic House Reykjavík



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