The Story of The Blue Planet – now available in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia

The Story of the Blue Planet is now available in all the english speaking countries in the world. USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. I am new in the english language so I kindly ask any friend or reader to help me spread the word! The Story of the Blue Planet has been translated to Korean, Greenlandic, Estonian and Japanese before finally being published in England by a publisher with this goal:

“Pushkin is passionate about introducing fantastic books from all over the world to the UK, ensuring that British readers are given access to a wealth of international literary treasures. We’re finding celebrated children’s book that have never been published here, and many of which have never been translated into English before. It’s exciting to be unearthing these gems and presenting them to new audiences.” More here.

In the USA the book is available from Seven Stories Press, a great publisher in New York that also publishes LoveStar, the novel that just got a Philip K. Dick special citation award.

You can read more about the Story of The Blue Planet and the new children’s imprint of Pushkin Press here: Planet

Here is a nice new review in Books for Kids:

“Ambitious and intriguing, it creates a fable whose contemporary relevance will be easily grasped by its intended readers. In its mix of social satire and religious overtones, it reminds me of Wilde’s fairy tales … there is nothing that I can think of in contemporary English language writing for children that has this kind of ambition.”

The full review is here.

So It is nice to be finally available in the English, it took some time and it is actually a rather interesting story that I can tell later.

You can get the books here on Amazon:


The Story of the Blue Planet.

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