Volksbuhne, Berlin, 4th of December at 17:30

As a part of the Nordwind festival – Andri Snær Magnason will read on the Volksbuhne in Berlin the 4th of December at 17:30. He will weave a story/lectures/performance through his work, from Bonus Supermarktgedichte to Traumland – using his work to reflect the idea that Iceland is a microcosmos of the world. Iceland is a human laboratory, 300.000 were left on an island and by understanding them we can get insight into many interesting things. Andri tells a story, taking us into the mythological wold of Bonus, into his work of fantasy and science fiction, back to Iceland where events were becoming larger than any science fiction, into the language that is used every day but nobody seems to understand – to the destruction of beautiful landscapes of Iceland – to Greenland where Alcoa wants to build a huge Aluminum smelter like they did in Iceland – to China – where 50% of the world Aluminum production went the last decade.

More here from the official announcement:

Andri Snær Magnason‘s non-fiction book DREAMLAND criticises the destruction of the Icelandic natural heritage by the damming of rivers for the gain of cheap hydro electricity needed for international aluminium companies. The particularity of the Icelandic situation opens onto a wider perspective and helps us understand one fundamental thing: »Global problems« do not really exist – they are only a collection of millions of local problems and challenges people are faced with in their daily lives. Dreamland is a deeply moving book about the major concerns of our times, knowledgeable and written with a rare and touching passion. It is philosophical, political, and full of humour.

Andri Snær Magnason, born in Reykjavik 1973, is one of the best know Icelandic writers. He has written and published novels, poetry, plays, short stories, essays, CDs and films. His work has been published or performed in more than 20 countries. Due to his environmental commitment and his role in the political changes following the economic collapse he is now one of the most important voices in the country. In 2009 he filmed as a co-director his bestseller as a thrilling documentary. Both for book and film Magnason received in 2010 the important European KAIROS-prize from the Alfred-Töpfer-Foundation.

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